I started growing my audience in small clubs in New York City. I certainly wasn't making music that was commercially viable. In fact, my songwriting skills were still years away from being anything viable. Developing as a writer takes time and plenty of patience. And then one day you feel ready to present your music to the world and you hope like hell that someone will find value in your work.

A Real “Force Of Nature”

Wow - 10/10! “The quality of the record frequently touches jaw-dropping. Sari Schorr & the Engine Room have just made one of the blues records of the year.” – Maximum Volume Music 

“This is an album that quite honestly is as close to faultless as one could wish. That Schorr’s voice ... is every bit as unquantifiable rich, melodic, engaging, powerful, mesmerizing and – above all – harmonious, so that once the album is finished the listener is searching for the ‘Replay’ button almost immediately.” – Planet Mosh

“During her performances her vocal range and delivery are a compelling combination that just holds your attention right from the start, casting a spell over the audience that is incredible to witness.” – Blues Matters

“One of the most recognizable tunes that should arguably never, ever be covered is Ram Jam’s Black Betty, yet this stripped back, pain-infused piece of musical magnificence takes on a whole new lease of life and comes out the other side reborn and rejuvenated in ways otherwise unimaginable.” – Fabrications HQ 

“A deeply personal album for Schorr, Force of Nature is a hailstorm of an album sure to go down in blues history.” – Blues Rock Review 

“Together they generate kind of intensity that producer Mike Vernon probably heard in the younger Clapton. The end result is an album with real vitality, freshness and spark, voiced in songs with enough emotional depth and intensity to make an enduring impact.” – Pete Feenstra 

“That incredible voice she possesses seems god-given, much like the way Bonamassa has a god- given talent to play the guitar, Sari Schorr has been blessed with a voice not of this world.” – Devil’s Gate Media

Wow - 8.5! “Produced by Mike Vernon, the album is tantalizing, it is has lungs and Ms. Schorr is not afraid to use them to their fullest potential; each breath produces an inspired kick that finds its way easily to the listener’s door and barges down any sign of neglect.” – Liverpool Sound and Vision

“Schorr is undoubtedly a find, writing strong songs in a range of styles, with interesting lyrics. Vocally she has the goods to do justice to that range too, with a bluesy voice that can deliver both power and delicacy. The partnership with Innes Sibun is a winner too.” – Blues Enthused

“This is an album which will make you press the repeat button over and over again.” – UK Music Reviews 5/5

“Sari Schorr presents us with some timeless material on this album...This confirms to her existing fans and her many new followers that she is definitely a force of nature ...Her voice is a mixture of controlled burning and ever-accumulating passion.”

“A Force of Nature’ is a thrilling, riveting listen and this, coupled with Mike Vernon’s raw, yet perfectly focused production job, makes for one of the albums of the year.” 

“A Force Of Nature is an absolute belter of an album from the outset!”