Not too Cold for Warm Hearts!

February is bitter and shakes me and my fellow New Yorkers to the core.  We are numbed even more so by the cold truth that the world is becoming a more dangerous place.

As much as I love New York, I am grateful for the opportunity to travel around the world and gain perspective. And, I do so while doing what I love, for people I love.

We just finished our first official tour of the Netherlands. The Dutch seem to know something about life that I sometimes forget. The Dutch are joyful and optimistic with a practical fearlessness. I spent some time at the Amsterdam Museum and was fascinated by the history of this 1000-year-old trading city. Amsterdam has always had a strong focus on creativity, free-thinking, and community. And, they love their music!

Throughout the entire tour, the band and I were met by so many enthusiastic fans who made us feel at home. I’m always in awe of the power music has to unite people. I was watching Innes during one of his epic solos and was thinking – he is manifesting the sound of love and that is how music can change the world.

Photo by Alain Broeckx ©2017

Photo by Alain Broeckx ©2017

It’s 5:30 AM here in NY. I’m up early to start writing lyrics before the chaos of the city becomes too distracting. The band and I have begun working on new material for the next album. We met up with our producer Mike Vernon in Spain before the Netherlands tour for a very productive week of songwriting in my favorite studio in Antequera. Mike shared his lovely finca with us. It’s perched high in the mountains with breathtaking views of endless acres of olive groves and almond trees set before cascading mountain ranges. Innes and Kevin O’Rouke took control of the kitchen and whipped up one gourmet meal after another. I decided I love commune living.

Photo by Johan Sonneveld ©2017

Photo by Johan Sonneveld ©2017

I feel inspired in Spain. Like the vast expanse of the big sky in Montana, the wide open spaces in Spain, and the pureness of the light provides a fertile ground for the seeds of my imagination to take root. This is where I wrote most of the lyrics for A Force of Nature. 

A second album is always wrought with a certain amount of pressure, especially when a debut album, as with A Force of Nature, has received so much critical acclaim. So, we will work even harder to make the best possible album. I’m getting excited just thinking about it!

So, my dear friends – stay warm, stay joyful and hear the love in the universal language of music.

See you down the road!
Sari x